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Gallium Nitride blue laser

Initially, the advancement of this knowhow posed an impossible task to then experts prompting numerous companies and other users continue relying on red lasers. This is because of the task involved in the crystallizing semiconductor compound supposed to produce blue light (Watkins). The other major task was because of the elements, which the experts intended to use in fabricating blue lasers. These comprised of elements occupying the right extreme end of a periodic table, which are hard to crystallize (Group VIII). This is because of their strong bonding characteristics though experts managed to do so with the aid of trial and error approaches. This gave rise to the first innovation and fabrication of ZnSe semiconductor laser in 1993. The fabricated product was capable operating in a continuous-wave at room-temperature, hence disapproving notion; the attainment or realization of the venture was impossible. In 1996, Sony managed to emerge with a continuous Oscillation product of the same semiconductor that operated for a duration of 1000 hours, hence bringing the knowhow’s development within reach (“Sony”). This is especially to the commercial corporations, for instance, Nichia, which recorded exportations of approximately 2 Million GaN LEDs on monthly basis in 1996. ...
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Name Professor Course Date Key Words: Semiconductor Compound, Semiconductor, Semiconductor Laser, Gallium Nitride blue laser History and development Gallium Nitride blue laser knowhow started at Cornell University with the formation of laser facets by utilizing Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching (CAIBE) process…
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