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challenger disaster

Activities carried out in programs that do not have established good house keeping conditions are also unsafe, as is the lack of maintenance of equipment. Finally, where the workers have not been prepared or have not been trained on how to respond to incidents like employee injury, fire, and spills, the working conditions are unsafe (Ohnysty 57). The training and education of the employees on the manner in which to conduct their activities in safety aids, in the minimization of exposure risks, and this is a critical element for all complete health and safety programs in the workplace. The training must involve how to carry out the activities safely, as well as ensuring that they comprehend the hazards inherent in their jobs on a day-to-day basis. It also needs to provide workers with information that covers how they should protect their fellow co-workers and themselves. However, safety is not achievable via reliability alone. Some systems in the workplace cannot be made safe from failure, especially where continuous availability is required. Lack of recovery procedures, fault tolerance, as well as lack of redundancy provisions, makes the activities performed in these conditions unsafe. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Challenger Disaster 1. When is an activity considered to be unsafe? Work practices could also be taken as a kind of administrative control. In the majority of workplaces, even where engineering controls that are well maintained and well designed present, work practices could still be unsafe…
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