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Contents What is fuel economy? 5 Factors affecting fuel economy of a vehicle 6 Why is fuel economy important? 13 Design & Technology for Fuel Economy 18 Managing Fuel Economy 22 Fuel Economy Implementation in Passenger Cars 24 Fuel Economy of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) 30 How is fuel economy measured?


o V and Euro VI emission limits 116 Table of Figures Figure 1 - Forces resisting the movement of the vehicle as a function of vehicle speed sourced from (Hilliard & Springer, 1984, p.8) 6 Figure 2 - Air drag coefficient in the European countries during the period 1900 to 2000 sourced from (Pundir, 2008, p.19) 9 Figure 3 – Growth of the passenger car sector in India sourced from (Pundir, 2008, p.6) 13 Figure 4 - Petrol consumption in India sourced from (Pundir, 2008, p.7) 14 Figure 5 - The future projections of demand versus production of oil sourced from (Mi et al., 2011, p.5) 15 Figure 6 – Global carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion sourced from (OECD, 2004, p.43) 16 Figure 7 - Comparison of fuel consumption of gasoline and diesel engines sourced from (Pundir, 2008, p.21) 25 Figure 8 - Schematic composition of three different hybrid vehicle drive trains sourced from(OECD, 2004, p.142) 31 Figure 9 - The driving cycles used in the US, EU and Japan sourced from (P ...
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