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Evaluation on movie - Essay Example

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Various events lead Jacob to join the circus as a veterinary officer and consequently finds himself working under unstable Augustine who is his boss (IMDb). Due to the violent tendencies of…

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Evaluation on movie

The movie is directed by Francis Lawrence, produced by Andrew Tennenbaum, source material by Sara Gruen and screen play by Richard LaGravenese. The Main actors are Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), Jacob Jankowski (Robert Pattinson), August (Christoph Waltz) and Charlie (Paul Schneider).
From the onset, the movie gives an air of self satisfaction because of its source; a bestseller novel as the source material. Unlike other movies that the industry and viewers have witnessed before that have viewer discretions especially due to language, sex and violence, this movie definitely qualifies to be a broad-based and popular entertainment for the whole family. However, the novel and the ingredients in the movie are very promising that the viewer has the feeling that it could have been better. Despite its uniqueness and richness of the story, there lacks a convincing romantic chemistry in the film and therefore, the emotional connection that one feels should be there cannot be found.
Being set at the back of a circus story which in most stories is an epic, majority of all generations being targeted by the movies can identify with. The costume designer should take much credit in the making of a costume that convincingly takes the movie back to the 1970s when circus was popular among the North Americans (Turan). By placing a love triangle deep into the heart of the film in a circus story, the film is able to bring that special aura and romance that remains relevant despite the passing of time.
Set against the background of depression in the United States that characterized those times, Jacob had hoped to become a good vet with a Cornell degree. Therefore, in the desperation of unsatisfied dreams, he hops into a circus that forms the skeleton of the film. Therefore, the movie is set against a credible background that especially the older generation all know too well about and especially the depression that comes with lack of job opportunities ...
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