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Vaccinations and autism

According to them, the exposure to mercury preservative called in thimerosal increase the autism of contracting the autism spectrum disorder. Moreover, this paper examines the studies on this topic to suggest a different realities and truth.
Vaccination plays a critical role in the society in reducing the cost, diseases, and loss of human life. The government and society incur direct medical cost and vaccination plays a role in reducing the direct cost immeasurably (Solt, 2010). In essence, vaccination reduces the cost of treating medical complications caused by preventable diseases. The societal cost such as special education for children with special needs, supplies in the hospitals, and loss of productivity is huge. Studies and research have shown that publication to link vaccination and autism is a pipe dream and replete to failure.
There is a widespread of misinformation on the effects of vaccination to human health. Propaganda has been spread that vaccination is a family planning method introduced to developing nation. Moreover, other people give personal accounts of contracting autism and other condition after vaccination. Misinformation can lead to contraction of preventable diseases hence the need of societal involvement in the debate (Stanovich, 2007). The global increase in the spread of autism diagnosis is caused by the increased awareness and diagnostic criteria. This has increased the perception that exposure to vaccines leads to autism.
Research conducted by price and colleagues (2010) explored the correlation between prenatal and infant ethylmercury exposure from immuglobulin preparation. The study established that vaccination does not cause autism spectrum disorders as suggested by politicians and other lobby groups. The research asserts that there is no solid evidence that support the fact that vaccination and exposure to thimerosal causes autism. In essence, the ...
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Conversely, does the myths and publication that states that vaccination causes autism and rapture of intestinal lining valid and…
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