The Effect of Recession on Dividend Policy.

The Effect of Recession on Dividend Policy. Dissertation example
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The research methodology adopted sought to answer the research questions in an attempt fulfill the research objectives these are: to determine whether there was a change in capital structure during the recession and whether or not this resulted to a change in the dividend payout.


Some of the logical explanations on how the various sectors were affected by the recession in terms dividend payout.
Background Information
The research covered various economic sectors of the economy namely; banking and financial Services, real estate companies, petrochemical companies, Agriculture and food industries, industrial investment and telecommunications. A total of 26 companies financial over a period of 5 years were thoroughly analyzed to come up with efficient analysis of our study topic.

Difference in Dividend policy between different Economic Sectors
We use the one way Anova to determine if there is a difference in mean between the average dividend pay for the various companies. The analysis generates the results table below.

Sum of Squares df Mean Square F Sig.
Between Groups 96.613 7 13.802 2.162 .092
Within Groups 108.514 17 6.383
Total 205.127 24

As seen in the table above the value of significance from the table is .092 which is larger than the significance value of 0.05 hence we accept the null hypothesis which states that there is no statistically significant difference in the dividend policies adopted by the various sectors of the economy.

Sectors from which various companies in the study.
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