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Personal Statement It is my dream to become a competent professional of the new era. To accomplish my goals, I want to apply in the Masters’ degree in Accounting and Finance offered by the Edinburgh state university (insert the university name you want to apply in), on the basis of the exclusive personal qualities that I possess.


My CGPA for these two years was 2.60 with an average score of 76. I got excellent scores in English, Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, Business Communications, and Marketing Management, Then, I shifted to UK as a university student to complete the next two years. Here, I took admission in Bangor University, and now I am a graduation student in the third year of Accounting and Finance. My third year average score has been 62.65 with GPA of 2.1. I scored high in Probability and Optimization, Finance, Statistical Methods, Business Economics, and Financial Accounting. Elaborating on my professional experience, I got a temporary occupation in China Construction Bank at International Business Department in summer vacations this year. I have also been a volunteer of CYVA in the Chinese University. I have always been a very good student getting positions and certificates. My teachers and professors always considered me a student worthy of reward. I feel that I have enough knowledge and passion to show that I have a craze about going ahead in the business industry. To maintain my interest, I keep myself updated with market requirements. I have always thought about bringing my knowledge into use that I gained during my college. I keep on reading related journals, books and magazines, and attend related seminars held in my vicinity. ...
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