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Tesla Motor, Inc Financial Analysis and Comparison with Ford Motor Company (Institution’s name) (Student’s Name) 6th November, 2013 Table of Contents Tesla Motor, Inc 1 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Tesla Motors, Inc 3 3.0 Comparison of Tesla Motor Inc with Ford Motor Company, and the automobile industry 4 4.0 Analysis of the automobile industry 6 5.0 The position of Tesla Motors Company 7 8 6.0 Current state of the Tesla Motors, Inc financial health 8 6.1 Liquidity 8 6.2 Asset utilization 9 6.3 Leverage 9 6.4 Profitability 9 6.5 Cash flow 10 6.6 Market based ratio 10 7.0 Trends in the financial health of Tesla Motor, Inc over recent years and potentially into the future 10 8.0 Conclusion 11 9.0


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