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Research Paper example - Information pertaining to the imperativeness of mergers that are gaining prominence in the current business world

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Research Paper
Finance & Accounting
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Merger analysis Name Instructor Task Date Abstract This paper provides insightful information pertaining to the imperativeness of mergers that are gaining prominence in the current business world. The approach is used as a performance strategy since it enables institutions to combine resources and the requisite synergies with an aim of enhancing competitiveness…

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The two institutions are chosen due to their complimentary support capacity that they hold that would see them receive immense benefits from any strategic alliance or agreement. The institutions provide health care services and were founded with a core mission to offer quality, affordable and timely Medicare to patients. They focus on community outreach programs, research on various medications, provision of cancer services, coronary care, digestive and nutritional support. The paper also analyses their financial status based on the strength of their financial performance. It also evaluates the key ratios and the need for ensuring effective setting of debt collection period. Introduction Business merger is a performance strategy whose practice in gaining momentum in most settings due to its relevance in the current competitive society. The strategy provides viable incentives and synergies that enable organizations to improve on their standards of performance. Indeed, institutions with strong aspirations to recording vibrant performance levels should adopt the strategy. This is vital since it gives credible systems of engagement and operations that facilitate exemplary performance. ...
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