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Little World Beverages Limited (LWB) is a company which is based in Australia. The major functions of the Company are controlling brewing and packaging installations, selling draught and packaged beer.


The portfolio of the Company is White Rabbit Brewery and White Rabbit ales. White Rabbit ales are taken from the malt components and their unique yeast energizing by the open fermentation procedure. LWB has its business operations in the United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand. The subsidiaries of the Company as of June 30, 2010, include Little Creatures Brewing Pty Ltd, Little Green Steps Pty Ltd and Fremantle Harbour Properties Pty Ltd ( Profile.asp?s= LWB:ASX, accessed on 24.05.2011).
2.2 Recent Company History
Little World Beverages, the listed beer makers at the back of the famous Little Creatures beers, improved profit by 35.4%. The company had made significant capital investments in breweries and hospitality so that a strong foundation can be created to develop the special beer brand. One of the fundamental capital expenditure projects settled through out the period was the building of a new brewery at the Fremantle home base, south of Perth http://www.Theaustralian accessed on 24.05.2011).
EBITRD increased by 19.8% while revenue increased by 27.2%. ...
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