How the introduction of a new technology can assist an organisation in achieving its business objectives (Apple Company) - Dissertation Example

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How the introduction of a new technology can assist an organisation in achieving its business objectives (Apple Company)

The organization that will be the centre of the research is Apple Incorporation with focus on their iphone and ipad products. This study is significant in view of the fact that Apple Inc is considered as the leading organization in computing and mobile information innovation (Shi, 2011). Apple Inc is ranked 35 in Fortune 500 of 2011, 21 ranks higher compared with last year ( The company’s increased in rank is visible manifestation not only of increased revenue, but it is also a show of the company exists expanding market and its capacity in creating new ones.
Furthermore, in order to address the topic of the research, a look into the objectives of the Apple Inc., as well as, the company’s performance in the market will be performed.
1.2. Reasons for the Topic Chosen
Fast phased developments in technology are an essential attribute of the contemporary period, especially in the business world (Andersen, 2001). The reasons behind why this topic has been chosen are because 1) Integral in the survival of contemporary organizations is it response to the challenges and demands of new technologies (Thomas 1994, p. 235).
As such, the research believes that understanding the alignment between objectives and new technologies can further the knowledge necessary in apprehending the business environment of organisations. 2) Apple Inc is considered as one of the most innovative organizations in computer and mobile technology in the world (Voice of the Innovators, 2004). ...
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For the research and analysis report, the research has chosen to work on the project topic “How the introduction of a new technology can assist an organization in achieving its business objectives?” …
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