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Coursework example - Fundraising

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Finance & Accounting
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Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is a disease that affects old and young people resulting in sudden death.Sudden cardiac arrests causing sudden death have mainly occurred due to incompetency and ignorance of individuals witnessing cardiac arrests…

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Sudden cardiac arrests causing sudden death have mainly occurred due to incompetency and ignorance of individuals witnessing cardiac arrests. Thus, if more people are aware of cardiac arrests and know what to do in case they are around a person having cardiac attack, more chances would be to grant those suffering their survival. VSF is one organization, whose aim is to raise awareness of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and cardiac arrests. However, there are some other charity organizations involved in raising awareness Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and developing action guidelines. NHS and Raising Awareness of SADS Although logically would be to suggest that the major organization to raise awareness of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and ways to prevent or diagnose it early would be National Healthcare System, the truth is that NHS establishments are preoccupied with a vast variety of diseases and their treatment. Consequently, less attention is paid to the problem of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome solely. ...
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