Comparison of ratios over a two-year period

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Memo To: Supervisor From: Subject: Financial Ratio Analysis of SAC for year 2005 & 2006 ______________________________________________________________________________ Introduction Financial ratio analysis is considered as one of the most effective methods of analyzing the financial performance of any company.


Besides, financial ratio analysis can also be used to assess the performance of different departments and managers and how their overall performance may have an impact on the performance of the whole firm. Sparklin Automotive Company is in business since 1990 and is supplying different automotive related parts across the whole country. In order to better assess its performance for the year 2005 and 2006, a comprehensive ratio analysis is important. This will provide a critical insight into areas such as liquidity management, overall asset management, the nature and extent of firm’s debt as well as assessing the profitability during these two years. Ratio Analysis Explanation Ratio analysis is the process of calculation and comparing the ratios which have been extracted from the different financial statements. By forming the historical trends, ratio analysis can actually provide an insight into the performance as well as charm in the company to perform in the long run based on the historical data. Ratio analysis is also important from the perspective of assessing the performance of the managers and understanding as to how the organization is performing. ...
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