A Study of Shell Oil and its Stakeholders in Nigeri

A Study of Shell Oil and its Stakeholders in Nigeri Research Paper example
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A Study of Shell Oil and its Stakeholders in Nigeria Table of Contents 1 Chapter 1 3 1.1 Introduction 3 1.2 Aims & Objectives of the Paper 4 1.3 Scope of the Paper 4 2 Chapter 2 5 2.1 Introduction & Discussion of Theories & Models from the Literature 5 2.2 The Stakeholder Theory 5 2.3 Business Ethics 8 2.4 Shell’s Corporate Social Responsibility 8 2.5 Perspectives of Shell’s Stakeholders 9 3 Chapter 3 11 3.1 An Examination of Various Approaches to Leadership 11 4 Chapter 4 15 4.1 Findings 15 4.2 Conclusion 16 4.3 Recommendations 16 Reference List 18 1 Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction This paper presents a study on the Anglo-Dutch oil exploration firm Royal Dutch Shell plc and its response towar


In downstream, it is engaged in refining, supplying, trading and transportation of crude oil worldwide. It manufactures and markets a range of petrochemical products for industrial customers. The company is also engaged in delivery of technology solutions through research and innovation. Shell operates in 90 countries, employs approximately 93,000 people worldwide, 43,000 service stations, and has more than 30 refineries and chemical plants including 3.3 million barrels of gas and oil production per day. In 2010, the company spent $2.1 billion in development of alternate energy sources and carbon emission controls, $13 billion on purchases from companies from lower income countries, and more than $21 million on voluntary social investments (Shell, 2010). Shell Group is involved in the on-shore production of oil and gas in the Niger Delta. It is also involved in the offshore production of oil and gas in Gulf of Guinea and Nigeria’s first ever deep-water project. ...
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