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Name Course Instructor Date Financial Risk 1.0 Introduction This paper looks at the short, medium and long-term sources of finance; the financial risk associated with the debt, dividend, working capital management and merger and acquisitions policies of Taylor Wimpey plc and compares it with one of its competitors, Bellway plc.


Both companies have carried out work in Africa, Asia, Australia, the United States and other parts of Europe. The company operates from offices in the UK and Spain and focuses on the development of residential properties. In the UK the company operates from 24 regional offices across England, Scotland and Wales (Taylor Wimpey 2011b). Over the years, the company has built a wide range of properties from one and two-bedroom apartments to five bedroom detached houses. In addition to its UK and Spain construction business Taylor Wimpey also operates two other businesses - Prestoplan and Taylor Wimpey Logistics (TWL). Prestoplan is the company’s timber frame solutions business which allows for the simplification of on-site construction while TWL is its supply chain logistics business that sources materials in bulk from suppliers ‘just in time’ for carrying out construction (Taylor Wimpey 2011c). The industries in which Taylor Wimpey competes include residential construction contractors, the construction sector, and residential real estate development (Hovers 2011). The company’s main competitors are Bellway plc which is located in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK and The Berkeley Group Holdings plc in Cobham, Surrey. ...
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