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Enron Scandal Case Study Table of Contents Introduction 3 Enron Case 4 Role of Auditors in Enron’s Case 5 Role of External Auditors 5 Governance Structure 5 Main Actors 7 The Role of Organisation 7 Legal Context 7 Prevention 8 Conclusion and Recommendation 9 References 10 Introduction Businesses all around the globe are adopting concepts related to corporate governance in order to enhance the efficacy of their business practices.


Basically those businesses prosper that have implemented systems to enhance the faith of the shareholders via transparency, responsibility and fairness (Raghavan, 2010). Carrying out of ethical business conduct would mean accepting and practicing sound corporate governance. The role of auditors is also vital in bringing good corporate governance (Fan & Wong, 2001). The main objective of the study is to identify the facts that led Enron to financial scandal and brought up to the surface a culture of corruption as well as greed. The role of the auditors and the corporate governance in such context will also be studied in adequate detail. The study will try to focus upon the main actor involved in the Enron case, the role of the organisation, the legal context and the prevention strategies that could have been followed in order to stop such fraudulent activities from taking place. Enron Case Enron is one of the best examples of unethical business practices conducted in an organisational context. It had been the seventh biggest business house in the United States. It dealt with ‘natural gas pipeline’ and was based in Houston. It filed for bankruptcy in the year 2001. ...
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