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International Risk Management Understand the Organization of the International Economic and Financial System: The International Economic and Financial system is managed “by industrial and financial transnational corporations (TNCs) of which the simple, unwritten” (George 2000) plans are based on the three aspects of freedom needed for the smooth functioning of the system.


“All trading systems should be aligned with the big picture. People need strategies that take advantage of macro tendencies to make good profits” (Tharp 1996). Their ultimate purpose is to be free to produce, invest and distribute what they desire, where they need, exist as long as they prefer, can move capital, workers and goods at will. Subcategories of these important freedoms naturally contain massive privatisation of public services and publicly held companies. Nothing must be debarred a priori from the market, genetic material or human body parts; foods, water, seeds, forests or air, art, music or sport. TNCs can generally stay above the law, even when they cause grievous damage to people and the surroundings. TNCs compute their achievements by 'shareholder value' and profit rates, which means the market cost of the company's stock. Some companies even buy up their personal stock to reason the market cost to rise. Cost-cutting, particularly through huge layoffs, is an additional way to enlarge shareholder price and loyalty to workers or to the communities where they occur to is a bye gone idea. ...
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