The factors that led to change in Apple Inc.

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How Apple Changed? Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 3 Introduction 4 Drivers to Change 5 SWOT Analysis 6 Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model 7 Change Models 8 Lewin’s Change Intervention Process: 8 PESTEL Analysis for Apple 9 Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model 10 Major Changes Unfolding at Apple 11 Return of Steve Jobs 11 Products That Changed the World 13 Disruptive Innovation Theory 13 Management Level Changes at Apple 14 Transformational Leadership 14 Change in Leadership at Apple 14 Conclusion 16 References 17 20 Executive Summary The paper will focus mainly to the factors that led to change in Apple Inc.


The facts and the references show how Steve Jobs planned, organised and designed his workforce to bring the changes in the resources of the organisation. The paper will also discuss how his transformational leadership and ability to judge the requirements of the consumers made Steve Jobs one of the greatest Chief Executives of all times. Introduction A brand of innovations, “Apple”, was established in the year 1976 on April Fools’ Day (1st April), though it was incorporated only on January 3rd, 1977 with a brand name of Apple Computer. After 30 years, the word “Computer” was removed from its branding as it shifted its traditional focus from computers to consumer electronics. It was founded by three budding entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, though the latter moved out of the company by selling his shares to the other two for US $800. The first inaugurated model was the Apple I which was hand made by Steve Wozniak. It was sold as a motherboard consisting of CPU, RAM and basic video chips (Apple Inc, 2012). ...
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