insurance research paper about the real estate development industry

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Insurance Research Paper about the Real Estate Development Industry Table of Contents 2.0 Topic 1. Insurance in Real Estate Industry 4 2.1 Quotation 4 2.2 Perils Covered Under Insurance 4 2.3 Additional Benefit 5 2.4 Perils Not Covered Under Insurance 5 3.0 Topic 2.


UAE Insurance Regulations 9 9.0 Topic 8. Economic Crisis Affected the Insurance Companies 10 Works Cited 11 This report will try to throw some light on real estate industry of Dubai the second largest emirate in UAE. Dubai has international reputation due to its cosmopolitan nature, multi cultural society, excellent infrastructure, stable political environment and last but not the least the city is business and tourism capital of UAE. Economic policy of the city has undergone tremendous strategic and structural revamp in last two decades. The city has been witnessing a GDP growth rate of eleven percent for the last two years while economic policy makers have targeted to achieve GDP of US$108 billion within next three years. Colliers International (real estate consultant) has underlined that real estate industry of the city will show growth rate of more than fifty percent over next few years. Real estate industry of the city contributes twenty four percent of annual GDP. Industry insiders have mentioned following reasons for strong real estate boom in the city. Population in emirates is growing at a rate of more than seven percent annually. As a result of population boom demand for new housing project has increased rapidly. Average people ratio per dwelling is 5.5 which is way more than average standard of developed nations. ...
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