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Please describe your short term (3 year) career goals (200 words). After I graduate, I wish to become a trader. Through working closely with the capital market, I would like to familiarize myself with the different asset classes, study stock behaviour, and learning about government policies and how they impact stock prices.


Secondly, I could witness first-hand the environmental issues that are associated with that. I do not want to be too picky about where I find my first start, but I would like to begin my career within Asian financial hubs, such as Hong Kong and Singapore. The reasoning behind this is two-fold: I could familiarize myself with the Asian markets but I would also be able to network with many individuals who are working in the Asian financial industry. Tapping into their expertise will help me to form my own opinions and also give me the inside scoop on the inner workings of the financial markets in Asia. Please outline the challenges you think you will face in achieving these career goals and how you will overcome them? (200 words) A career in the financial industry can be extremely challenging and requires a solid academic background. I believe the curriculum offered at Imperial Business School will equip me with a range of skill sets beneficial to a career in trading. I look forward to studying Investment and Portfolio Management, Asset Pricing and Derivatives, and the Structured Credit and Equity Products modules, which will provide me with a theoretical framework of trading and investment strategies. Furthermore, traders need to be decisive and have market acumen. ...
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