The effect of the recession on Tesco's, Sainsbury's and Morrison's.

The effect of the recession on Tesco
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THE EFFECT OF THE RECESSION ON TESCO’S, SAINSBURY’S AND MORRISON’S Name Tutor Institutions Subject Code Date of Submission Abstract This research paper analyzes impact of the recession on the three supermarkets Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrison. The research problems identified in this report are applicable to comprehending the overall effect between the economy and the supermarkets.


The research involves in-depth analysis of a questionnaire, 5-year annual reports, newspaper clippings as well as academic journals. The paper has substantiated its results with ratio analysis for the last five years. It has been vastly investigated to authenticate the conclusion and the recommendations. The first phase involves the identification and extensive research into the problem followed a literature review to develop strong basis for further insights. The second phase entails the sophisticated analysis on the data collected through the primary and secondary research work. It involves the use of pictorials to assist in better understanding of the research work. As a result, the analysis showed that the UK grocery sector had been adversely impacted as a whole; however, despite an economic downturn and deteriorating macro conditions, the three retail giants-Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrison have had an insignificant impact on their profitability, market share and loyalty of the customers. The research leads us to conclude that the leaders were able to combat the economic recession with an iron hand; and to revive their ways to the former glory with a year of the collapse of the economy. ...
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