Advanced Financial Accounting; Corporate Social Responsibility

Advanced Financial Accounting; Corporate Social Responsibility  Essay example
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Corporate social responsibility covers the corporate citizenship,corporate conscience,the social performance and business sustainable development.CRS is a corporate self-regulation form that is mostly integrated in the models of most business.


The policy of CSR operates is self regulated and built in a mechanism in which a business ensures and monitors its compliance with the spirit of ethical standards, the law as well as international norms. When employed, CRS aims at embracing responsibility for the actions of the business and encourage desired impacts through its operations on the consumers, environment, stakeholders, communities and employees (Kvaal and Nobes, 2010, p. 180). CRS aids the business’s mission and guides it to stand for the will of its consumers. Sustainability development embraces business ethics through applying ethics that examine moral and ethical principles that are common in any business environment. CRS ensures a sustainable development approach to the business’s economic development, responsible environmental management and social progress (Luez and Verrecchia, 2000, p. 100). This follows the fact that CSR helps the organizations to have continued commitment to contribute to the development of the economy at the same time behaving ethically to improve the life quality of the employees as well as the local society and community at large. Businesses over the years have been promoted through CSR strategies now that the public, consumers and the investors expect them to be responsible and sustainable (Milllon, 1993, p. 1). ...
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