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Stock Market Analysis of Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia Name Institution Literature review The GCC countries, from belatedly, have been endeavoring to fortify their capital markets by bringing out diverse modern deepens in reference to itemization, regulatory, merchandising and settlement averages in order to improve transparency and informational efficiency.


This however, has led to utilizing the stock exchange indicators of the three distinctive countries i.e. Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We ascertain that all the preceding three markets eliminates aught supposition that the returns adopt a convention statistical distribution. Additionally, we get hold that hypothesis bearing on to haphazard walk and feeble form efficiency of the three GCC countries and its markets is declined for all three issues including variegation benefits, based on the correlation statistics of returns. From the analytic thinking, we restates that the necessitate for an incorporated DCC stock market should be availed since the results and suggestions have fuller entailments due to security psychoanalysis, adorning community, securities market and other regulatory authorities in their policy decisions to improve their capital market performance. However, this field research entailed market efficiency, Random walk Kolmogorov-smimov test, Runs test for randomness which was articulated to find out the market analysis of the three GCC countries. Introduction Stock exchange, act as a determinant persona in cementing the relationship between the investors and the embodied sector (Solink, 2003). ...
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