Postural Changes associated with Pregnancy - Dissertation Example

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Postural Changes associated with Pregnancy

INTRODUCTION Posture is defined as the arrangement of body parts with reference to each other. Thus a good posture refers to the optimum alignment of musculoskeletal system so as to enable body movement with maximum efficiency (Britnell et al., 2005). Pregnancy brings about multiple changes in the women’s body affecting almost every biological system. While some of these changes go with pregnancy, others continue to affect for longer duration. There is an increase in body mass and dimensions with non-uniform distribution of both of these parameters. Thus the centre of gravity of the body and therefore, its equilibrium is disturbed and in order to regain it the body must lean backwards. The skeletal and muscular system of the women’s body undergoes several biomechanical changes to accommodate the growing uterus, maintain body balance and facilitate smooth delivery. Moreover the hormonal changes during pregnancy too affect the musculoskeletal system. Later weeks of pregnancy are characterized by lordosis or a significantly increased curvature of the spine. ...
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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.INTRODUCTION 2 2.PURPOSE 3 3.AIMS AND OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 4 4.BACKGROUND 5 A.Causes of postural changes during pregnancy 5 Centre of Mass (COM) 5 Connective Tissue Laxity 6 B.Types of Postural Changes: 8 Lumbar Lordosis and Sagittal Pelvic Tilt Increase (Whitcome, 2006) 8 Lumbar Lordosis Reduction (Moore et al…
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