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Do judges in the Uk made political decisions? - Outline Example

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Gender & Sexual Studies
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UK Judges and Their Roles in Political Decision-making Introduction The British Government is one of the oldest forms of political systems which can be traced back thousands of years ago. Sprouting for an Absolute Monarchical constitution, modern United Kingdom exercises a Parliamentary form of government within a Constitutional Monarchy…

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Do judges in the Uk made political decisions?

In the part of the Judiciary, however, its intervention in the legislative is controversial. The participation of the Judiciary branch in political decision-making applies only to the making of a common law, but their primary duty is to interpret the law and make sure that anyone who goes against it will be punished. Separation of Powers The major institutions of the British state would include the executive, the parliament and the judiciary. Each branch works "in the name of the Crown" which is the ruling monarch. Much like the roles of other government types, the branches have the roles of law making, implementation, and evaluation, respectively. However, the influence of a monarch would be the difference. In the Constitutional Fundamentals, the executive "comprises the Crown and the Government, including the Prime Minister and the government" (Anon., n.d). Its duties are to formulate and implement policies that the state and the government itself should abide. The Parliament comprises of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The members of the House of Lords were unelected and were only appointed by the Crown. The Judiciary, as the term suggests, enacts the law and makes sure that it is properly exercised by every citizen of the nation. The Judiciary is an independent body. ...
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