Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Egypt: Eradicating a Local Tradition through Global Intervention Strategies. - Thesis Proposal Example

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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Egypt: Eradicating a Local Tradition through Global Intervention Strategies.

Human rights organizations are giving their utmost efforts to have FGM classified as torture. As stated by the legal representative of the women’s refugee project, Nancy Kelly, “Harm that is done to women is seen as a personal, private, or cultural matter. Genital mutilation has not been seen as a type of harm.” Similarly, the Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development (FORWARD) has portrayed FGM as “a violation of the fundamental human rights of the girl child” and “another form of abuse under the guise of custom and tradition.”
First, FGM is widely viewed to be related to Islam. This is maybe expected, in view of Islam’s obligatory male circumcision and the prevalence of FGM among Muslim societies. Nevertheless, it is imperative to keep in mind that the Quran does not oblige the circumcision of females, that not every Islamic society performs female circumcision, and that a large number of non-Islamic societies do. It has been proposed that ‘religion’ is commonly cited, quite instinctively, as a motivation for practicing FGM. Anthropologist Janice Boddy replied that “the question of what is meant by ‘religion’ remains obscure” and emphasizes that for numerous women “religion is nothing less than their entire way of life; religion and tradition are not merely intertwined, they are one and the same.” Most of the attention and efforts by scholars and advocates has been focused on proving the inadequacy of biblical bases for performing female circumcision. ...
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A.M. Rosenthal, an American journalist, called FGM “the most widespread existing violation of human rights in the world” and proposed the termination of financial subsidies to governments which permit the continuation of this practice. …
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