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Student Name Professor Name Course Name Date Prospectus For this prospectus, I have selected the third suggested research question, about the greatest crime threat today and the best methods to combat it. My initial thesis is that cyber-crime is the most dangerous type of crime in today's world, due to the saturation of technology, computers, and especially Internet networks in both home and business life.

Borderlands and Borderlands: Afghanistan and Pakistan provinces and tribal areas

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The research probes into the current and historical factors that have conspired to undermine the security of this region. The research analyses the status of security and the various nature of insecurity prevalent in the region by drawing parallels between the insurgency in the region and the global terrorism and prevalence of terrorism cells.

Tracing Biopower:A Foucauldian Reading of T.S. Eliot’s Poems

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In The Waste Land, The Hollow Men and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Eliot presents a worldview that critiques the invisible power structures that contribute towards the miserable human conditions in the modern world. Even though he does not pinpoint the origin of such structures, it is implied that the state plays a significant role in defining and regulating human body in nationalistic, socio-religio-cultural and psycho-sexual realms.


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How do researchers establish the effect of a sedentary or inactive lifestyle on weight gain? [Provisional answer: Researchers can establish the effect of active lifestyle on weight gain by selecting a focus group and a control group. In the focus group, researchers can target a certain proportion of population such as students who spend most of their time watching television instead of engaging in sports.

Causes of Rework and cost overuns in construction of sea water desalination projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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However, the case study selection will be based on the criteria that the projects which represent and can highlight the problems of all existing desalination projects should be chosen. This research is limited in the sense that not every existing sea water desalination project will be studied under it.

Research proposal: Imbedding Ethics as a Risk Management Strategy

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In the process, this research will determine which factors promote and reinforce ethical conduct in organizations and will seek the best method on how to incorporate them in a business organization. It is aimed that with the identification of factors that promote ethics in an organization and finding the best method to imbed them in a business organization would make it an effective risk management strategy to avoid and mitigate risks associated with unethical practices.

Impact of New Media on CRM-Systems

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Business growth and development has however become even more challenging in the face of global economic meltdowns. The prevailing economic crisis has resulted in massive competition among businesses of all sizes to survive the tension and pressure. It is not surprising therefore that a lot more companies – even bigger corporations are closing down (Prempeh, 2003).

Starting up a new consultancy business for healthcare staffing in the US

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Therefore, healthcare industry has a prominence over other areas of business in the national agenda. In order for healthcare organizations to deliver the required level of care to the needy, there is an imperative need for the availability of qualified and efficient personnel in this sector.

Effects of shoulder and hip rotation on velocity in 400-m front crawl swimming

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Time and again people have often come across the term anatomy or human anatomy and if questioned as to what this particular term means, majority of them would answer that it is the study of one’s body structure. They would not be far from being right.

Do Corporate Incentive Programs Pay?

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 The present rendering is a proposal to explore the relationship between corporate incentive programs on the workers’ productivity and efficiency in an organization. For long, corporates have been engaged in providing incentives to employees to enhance productivity and infuse efficiency in their organisations (Landry, 1995).

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Egypt: Eradicating a Local Tradition through Global Intervention Strategies.

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Recently, female genital mutilation (FGM) or, also called female circumcision, has attracted significant public attention, particularly in Western cultures. Individuals and groups across the globe have resisted and condemned this ancient practice and began to mobilize local and global movements aimed at abolishing it.

Project Management in a Matrix Organization

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Our society makes exceptionally hard, mostly disputable, but historically inevitable and required restructuring. In social and political spheres, there is transition from totalitarianism to democracy, in economic life there is a switch from command economy to the market.

The Benifits of Quality Early Childhood Education by using curriculum and literature

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Childhood is the formative phase of life. Foundation laid during this period carries its implications throughout the life of an individual. Considering the significance of this phase of life the benefits of high quality of early childhood education as well as programs that formulate the personality of the child have been recognized.

SUCLA2 and LMAN2-L associated neuroloical disorders

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Studies on Mutations in the SUCLA2 and LMAN2-L Studies on SUCLA2 Mutations Studies on VIPL Protein IV. Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing and Linkage Studies Next Generation Sequencing for Analysis of mtDNA defects Linkage Studies V. Methodology Justification for Using Linkage Studies Methodology followed for Next Generation Sequencing VI.

International financial institutions, WTO and sustainable development

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The World Bank, created in 1944 is a UN agency. The World Bank is owned by 184 countries and it lends $20 billion each year (Peter P. Rogers). While the UN focuses on political issues, the World Bank focuses on economic growth. However, the meaning of development has changed over the years.

why will the electronic medical record help health care organizations

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[Professor’s Name] [Writer’s Name] [Course Title] [Date] Research Proposal Abstract The researcher intends to carry out a qualitative research on the Obama’s healthcare plan while focusing on its mandate of electronic medical record. In this regard, the proposal includes specific aims and objectives of the proposed research that focus on the recognition of different aspects of Obama’s mandate of electronic medical record while analyzing its impact on healthcare organizations.

Key Performance Indicators in Public Procurement Agencies

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Today, the social enterprises and organizations are accustomed to the trade concepts. Their procurement process largely depends upon contracts of delivery. Such services help the community and public sector consumers and users. In simple words public procurement means the purchase of goods or services in public domain.


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Earlier studies focused solely on the P-O fit between leaders and an organisation in terms of fit between company philosophy, procedures and policies (Autry & Wheeler, 2005), which is similar in meaning to values congruence (O’Reilly, Chatman & Caldwell, 1991); over time however the definition has been broadened to include a variety of other factors.

Investigation of the factors that couse a co-movement among BRIC, the bigges 4 emerging market in the world

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BRIC encompasses some of the highest developing nations in the world which are commonly termed as emerging nations or transition economies. An evaluation of the factors which affect stock market fluctuations have been discussed in the present paper. The actual emphasis had been over the factors which relate the stock market indices between these four nations.

Operational risk management based: Evaluating cost and operating efficiency at bank branches.

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Operational risk is a distinct class of risk different from credit and market risk and is a significant contributor to financial services risk profile. Various approaches have been used in measuring bank’s operational risk exposure.

What effect does the pressure of standardized testing have on student expectations and performance?

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This topic has been under constant discussions and disputes with many controversial results amongst the academic researchers, professors and lecturers, and parents as everybody has a different perspective on the influence and performance on students of the standardized testing.

Proposal on Self-esteem and Aggression.

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While looking at the perspective of self-esteem, it can come to statement that self-esteem is typically the sum of a person’s conscious self-evaluative feelings and thoughts. In other words, self-esteem is about a person value himself or feels about them (Powell, 2005).

The mystical body of Christ in Catherine de Hueck Doherty's Vision for Lay Apostolate

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There are several reasons. First, Doherty has been nominated for canonization in the Roman Catholic Church. Second, Doherty had founded at least two apostolates that have had a great following in North America and, possibly, even globally as North American thought permeates internationally.

Children’s Learning in the Early Years

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Children’s Learning in the Early Years. The Importance of Play Play is a child’s world. It is an avenue where one can be free to be oneself without anyone imposing rules or restrictions to conform to society’s standards. Play offers many benefits that foster children’s learning.
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