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This is mainly because of their sexual orientation.
There are laws in place, which prohibit sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace (cavallkm 1). Currently, many company policies also provide job security for the gay community. Employees are being desensitized and educated on equality and gender equity. Many believe that military work is masculine, and this is why the gay community finds it hard blending in such institutions like the army and the police force. It will take time before accept the gay community. Policies such as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is widely in place as those of the gay community choose to keep to themselves.
The case of Landon Wilson puts into perspective the challenges faced by the lesbian and gay community. They face constant discrimination in the workplace and usually find it hard settling in many work settings. In order for this group of people to be allowed to integrate with other members of society, it will take a joint effort from all the concerned parties.
Not until recently has same-sex marriage been legalized in many countries in Europe, as well as a number of states in the US. For a long while, same-sex couples had been living together in secret. The legalization of gay marriages has been debated in the Senate for many years. As recent as January 2015 did the US Supreme Court agree to rule on gay marriage. The first legal gay marriage in the USA took place in May 2004 (Rimmerman and Wilcox 1). The Christian Church community as a whole have collectively opposed same-sex marriage. The constitution defends the right of two people of the same-sex to marry. The Senate constantly debates on the issue of the freedom and rights of same-sex couples.
European countries including Denmark and UK allow same-sex marriage. Currently, same-sex marriage is legal and effective in 37 states of the USA. Recently, 15 states called the Supreme Court to uphold the same-sex ...
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Sexual orientation is a personal choice, but in the workplace man and women are still expected to assume their original gender identities…
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