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Graffiti Report

Control of semivariogram required for kriging is possible only because of the advanced parameters and the value for lag size is default which is set to the output cell size. A default value is calculated internally for major range. Output variances that are optional contain kriging variance; however, with the assumption that kriging errors are distributed normally, there is a probability of 95.5% that the actual z-value at the cell predicts raster value. There are some input data sets that have coordinates that are x and y. At the locations which are common, if the values are same, they are considered as duplicate. Therefore, they do not have any impact on the output. However, if the values of the points differ, they are considered as coincident points. Data is handled by different tools in different ways. For instance, in cases when the first point is used for calculation, the last point will be used in the other case which will result in different values. Therefore, coincident points should be removed and Spatial Statistics toolbox can be used to identity coincident points. Results Achieved The results that have been achieved have been projected in the map above. The map has been produced by using AcrMap and it shows areas of graffiti. Differences in areas of graffiti have been marked with the usage of different colours. ...
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Running Head: GRAFFITI REPORT Graffiti Report [Name of Writer] [Name of Institution] Graffiti Report Information about the Tool Kriging is a processor-intensive process, the speed of which is dependent on the points in the input dataset as well as the size of the window that is being used for searching purposes…
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