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Why is New Mexico poor and what should be done about it?

A very small part of Oklahoma also touches New Mexico in the east. Colorado is in the north of the state and Arizona is in its west. Republic of Mexico borders some parts of New Mexico in its south (Simmons 1-2). Historical Outlook The history of New Mexico is just like an adventure story. Thousands years ago, Indians were the first who settled there and developed their traditional way of living in the area. Next to Indians, Spaniards arrived and started living there with their own way of life. They had different set of ideas and customs as compared to Indians. In a short, it can be well said that Spaniards created a style of living and government on the footing of Europeans. Later on, Americans invaded the area and conquered the territory of New Mexico. Americans introduced their own way of living. So, through history it can be judged that several nations came over the territory of New Mexico leaving behind the life style of the people blended and more complex (Simmons 1-2). Economical Conditions of the Region Before enclosing the reasons of poverty in New Mexico, it is significant to have a look on the economic conditions of the region in general. New Mexico is most often described a very poor state among all other states of America. ...
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New Mexico is a sunny land with tall mountains that appear to touch the sky. Here, plains are as wide as sea with lakes and rivers sparkle in the sunlight. It is situated in the southwestern part of United States with its border with Texas on the eastern side. …
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