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Essay example - Assistive Devices

Health Sciences & Medicine
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Assistive devices (ADs) are technology in the form of high-tech or low-tech devices that can enhance the independence of living for people with disabilities. There is concern within the research community of occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals that there is a high level of abandonment of prescribed ADs…

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It is the aim of this study to use qualitative field research to gain a richer and broader interpretation of user perceptions towards ADs, their usefulness and perceptions of satisfaction to enable them independent living and a higher quality of life.
The proposed research study aims to identify factors that influence the use, and non-use of ADs within the elderly community within the UK. Participants will be recruited from local hospitals via newspaper ads and flyers on notice boards. A pilot-study will first establish if the questions to be included in the final study are relevant to the research aims. It will be expected that each participant meet specific selection criteria to be considered eligible to participate in this study. A home assessment visit (HAV) shall take place within the participants' homes, and a tape recorder will be used to record answers. A thematic analysis of the interviews shall be done, and Chi Square and Spearman's correlations undertaken with variables of appropriate levels of measurement.
A timetable and budget for the proposed research indicate the high feasibility of this study. It is also anticipated that the results from this study will be published in a peer-reviewed journal, so as to further inform OTs and other healthcare professionals in identifying
Assistive devices (ADs) are devices that assist the disabled with their daily l ...
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