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Research Paper example - Work Related Upper Limb Disorders

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Research Paper
Health Sciences & Medicine
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There has been a lot of interest in the group of disorders termed "work related upper limb disorders" or WRULD because it is thought to be increasingly prevalent in the work place. Research conducted into this disorder tends to be occupation-specific. Radiographers play a very important role in the delivery of health care in many countries…

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Hopefully, alleviation of this condition among radiographers will lead to increased productivity. It is hoped that this research would add a little to the body of knowledge that already exists concerning WRULD in radiographers.
The United Stated Bureau of Labour Statistics defines work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMD) as "injuries or disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage and spinal discs associated with exposure to risk factors in the work place." (Bureau of Labour Statistics News, 2001). Disorders caused by slips, trips, falls, motor vehicle accidents and other accidents are excluded. In the year 2001, about sixty-five percent of all work related illnesses were attributable to WRMD and these disorders were responsible for about a third of all lost workday illnesses (Bureau of Labour Statistics News, 2001). These statistics underlie the importance of WRULD in the workplace. According to Palmer and Cooper (2005) "WRULD, comprise a heterogeneous group of conditions - 165 in all according to a report by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The majority of these are ill-defined with natural histories that are rather loosely characterised. ...
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