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Imperialism and Orientalism: A Historical Analysis - Essay Example

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Imperialism and Orientalism: A Historical Analysis

It includes the social, economical and cultural aspects too. When a particular power holds its control on a particular land and people, a cultural exchange takes place between the empire and native people. Initially the objectives of the imperialism are to control the region and its people, to impose the culture, religion and way of life on the conquered people. The cultural exchange process cannot be a one way process. The people are compelled to follow and accept the rules of the emperors, simultaneously; the conquerors also get familiar with the foreign culture of the conquered land and absorb it spontaneously and try to understand the original culture of the land. This is the base of the research paper, which throws light on imperialism and orientalism. During post-colonial era, lot of debate had taken place on orientalism. Edward Said discussed the topic which became an argumentative topic among the historians. According to him, the Westerners always have a very biased approach about Orients. On the contrary, the scholars like John Mackenzie opine that Western artists have approached the Orient at various moments with perfectly honorable intention and genuine respect. The focus of the research paper is to find out the facts related to orientalism. ...
As stated by Dominic Lieven, the term 'Empire' is highly polemical. Sometimes it is used to praise and sometimes to condemn. For example, after World War II and in post colonial period, Soviet Union denounced its Western Enemies by calling them Imperialists. The Westerns also used to respond Soviet Union by calling it Empire. The imperialism or establishment of Empires has been prevalent in the human history since ancient time to post colonial period. The imperialism has been the transitional phase for the territories and their existing culture, especially when the empire is established by foreign people. With the emergence of imperialism, the society has experienced some or other cultural, social and political transitions and old systems were replaced by the new systems. For example one of the mightiest empires in the history of world Maurya Empire gave the administrative policies, strategic planning through the shrewd prime minister of Emperor Chandragupt, Chanakya. His book Chanakya Niti written before thousands of years ago is still applicable in today’s political and economic system. Greek Empire is the pioneer of our present day society and Roman Empire further shaped it. The catholic and Muslim empires spread Christianity and Islam in all over the world and now they have occupied one –third of world’s population. British Empire gave half of the world the parliamentary democracy system. The American Empire after World War II dominated the world economically. Though United S is not an Empire in conventional sense, it is regarded as an empire. This is an empire that fits in the definition of Hobson: the novelty of recent imperialism regarded as a policy ...Show more


Imperialism and Orientalism: A Historical Analysis.
From the ancient civilizations, since the postcolonial era, the world has witnessed rise and the fall of many mighty empires. The human race is quite familiar with the term Imperialism…
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Imperialism and Orientalism: A Historical Analysis essay example
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