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Creation of Jewish State - Essay Example

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British Empire was considered to be the leading recognized empire that the world had ever known. The powers of British Empire and its control were long-drawn-out all around the world. This paper is analyzing the history of the British Empire; the humiliations, the loss of its dignity, the good and the bad that it brought…

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Creation of Jewish State

The contact of British Empire with Africa became extensive from 1740 onwards. British traders used to make huge income and profits by exchanging manufactured goods for slaves in Africa and then selling slaves further in North America. These traders further amplified their profits by bringing cotton, sugar and tobacco back to Britain. British control bit by bit increased in South Africa and it took control of the Cape of Good Hope in 1795. In 1807, Britain outlawed slavery and hence its relations with Africa enhanced. Britain continued to follow its trial and error method of allying with local rulers and then amalgamating in conflicts between its cronies and their enemies. In the mean while, British gained ever-increasing influence in West Africa and in North Africa. In the 1830s and 1840s Britain increased its involvement in controlling a larger area of southern Africa. And in 1844 Britain was successful in taking the control of the Gold Coast of West Africa. Nevertheless during that period, missionaries and traders like David Livingstone were coming into contact with new African people. They were opening up trade routes and were establishing political alliances. This course of action speeded up when gold and diamonds were found in South Africa in the 1870s and 1880s. ...
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