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Lenin and Bolshevik Revolution

Throughout Russia had only one leader, Lenin, who planned, plotted, propagated and executed the task of bringing down the monarchy to replace it with the communist rule. Even after coming to power through a bloody path that eliminated ordinary people, the noble class including the royal family, most of which definitely must have happened under his direction, Lenin, unlike Stalin, tried hard to bring justice to the sufferers and wholeheartedly tried to make his dream a practical reality. There are no two opinions about his intentions or the way in which he conducted himself even after becoming the ruler. There were many leaders in Russia of the day; but they were followers of Lenin, and it was only Lenin who dreamt of the revolution, worked for it, planned every move, executed it flawlessly and created a communist society for the first time in the world. Lenin was very aware of the right timings for every action especially so, after the brief and un-prepared coup became unsuccessful. ...Show more


Lenin was famously immersed in communist ideologies; but it does not mean that he was unaware of the negative circumstances and the difficult approach to communism. He had the immense capability of converting difficulties into climbing stones…
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