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Essay example - Catholic Areas of Europe before 1570

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In the 16th century Spain and Portugal embarked on explorations pioneering in an era of colonization. Before this, no empire outside of Europe extended beyond the continent. Activities in the seas said to be unparalleled in history, characterised the courage, greed, cruelty and wanton destructiveness of the Spanish conquerors.1 The victories, for example, show a few Spaniards winning over great empires of the Aztecs and the Incas with their bullions of silver in an effort to Christianise these races…

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The process is still viewed by many European observers as favourable.4 Aside from increasing wealth through world trade and bartered products, ties between the Old World and the new world were discovered. They also believed it introduced Christianity. The conquest of the Americas and expansion to the rest of the world were said to have brought about the best as well as the worst of European civilization. Resources were greedily plundered and the natives were brutally repressed and enslaved in attempts to create news institutions and convert the natives to Christianity. In any case, the Europeans had begun to change the face of the world in an effort to export their religion, culture, and language to all corners of the earth.5 "Christianising" brought in wealth for Spain's new colonies in Latin America mainly from silver. In 1545 silver was discovered at Potos, in modern Bolivia. ...
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