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French Revolution

The new order, or at least the aim of the new order, was the establishment of a peoples' republic where private property is owned by the feudal lord is berated, religion does not play any role in politics or in the lives of the people and a general will is represented by a group of bourgeois leftists. Although when the revolution ended, France was ruled by an emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte.
If we look at 1789 France and try to determine the causes of the French Revolution, one fails to identify any decadence of its system. For instance, it was the largest, wealthiest and most powerful state in Western Europe. Its intellectuals led the Renaissance and then the Enlightenment era. French bourgeoisie was prosperous and well-established. Peasants owned and cultivated 40 percent of the land. What reason was there for a revolution Norman Gash (1989) quoting Napoleon's statement argues that the reason for French Revolution was nothing but vanity and that liberty was just a pretext. "One can see the argument. The aristocracy, only 2 per cent of the population, enjoyed a privileged position which their actual services to the state hardly seemed to justify. ...
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Revolutions are an indication of the decadence of a system where the various components of the society compete for a share in power, or monopolized power, through force and the state is too weak to intervene. In order for a revolution to begin and succeed in bringing about the change from the old order to anarchy and from anarchy to the new order, it must have an ideology…
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