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America in the 1960s

One of the most influential aspects of growing up in the 1950s was the Civil Rights movement. America had experienced the front line news for the first time in its history. There was a daily dissemination of the atrocities that were committed by governmental agencies around the country. These images had a dual role in the molding of the youth of the 1950s. It was able to portray the discrimination against blacks in detail and also able to tell the story of the government's involvement in the anti-movement activities. These were the seeds of the anti-government feeling in the teenagers of the 1960s. Television was able to paint the government with a brush of mistrust as America was shown pictures of blacks facing physical abuse, while it told a story of government infiltration. In fact, "Southern Baptists had resisted federal civil rights legislation not necessarily because they were racists but because they sincerely opposed federal intrusion into families and communities" (Saletan 21). This factor was able to develop an anti-government feeling across a wide spectrum of America. The distrust of government went beyond the political and social structure and into the affluence of the age. This affluence resulted in greater education and employment opportunities than at any other period in US history. This access also brought with it a greater freedom of thinking that was exemplified by the multitude of philosophies that flourished during this era. The beat generation of the 1950s had given way to the hippie movement. ...
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In the paper “America in the 1960s” the author analyzes a decade marred by assassinations, riots, and national political dissent in the USA. One of the most influential aspects of growing up in the 1960s was the Civil Rights movement and its portrayal on television.


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