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W.E.B. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk, 1903

Du Bois is entirely persuaded that racial prejudiced exists since United States has not been cultured on the souls of the black people. His argument is fortuitous, and this collection continues to offer imminent into the means that the African American societies is inherent to the bigger American civilization, and how the historical concept has made the link intrinsically problematic. Du Bois presents a vital, though regularly ignored, African-American history, philosophy, and culture—an informed structure for redeveloping African-American studies and linking it to the predicaments and challenges of the 21st century; rebuilding critical social presumption, and making it much transethnic, multicultural, multi-gender, non-Western European-viewpoint centered; and rediscovering what in implies to be a rebellious scholar-activist. Du Bois has been sleeted as a sociologist, historian, political campaigner, and Marxist although never an early on interdisciplinary social philosopher with solid political obligations to not just African-American emancipation and racial integrity but also to liberation of women, the working class, and the poor, and populated people of color globally.
One major ideas of Du Bois’s discussion gyrates around race and discrimination or, more exclusively, the systematic, critical, and social methodical study of ethnicity and the racism’s political economy. Nonetheless, race and discrimination were only a fraction of the issue that faced fading humankind from his point of view. There were various significant liberty-denying and life-threatening problems, some of which concerning colonialism, sexism, capitalism, among endless others. However, no matter the problem that Du Bois critically occupied, it must be highlighted that his main concern was constantly the dialectic of repression and liberation that is the core dialectic and important ...
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Du Bois introduces “The Soul of Black Folk” with the foresight that summarizes the objective of his collection—to impress on the globe the meticulous experience of being an African-American, forty years after the Civil War. His work comprises of fourteen treatises on…
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