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The term is associated with the ideological implication, and it is compatible with the transcultural advancement of the worldwide history…

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In the initial contemporary period, European encounters were the result of the advancement of change of the western societies, during the revolution into the current capitalist markets and nations to states. The first advancement was experienced in the 15th and 16th centuries, and the focus was the Atlantic basin, which constituted the Atlantic islands, Coastal West Africa, and Central America continent. This also included the Northern Seas, the Oriental Seas and the Asian Seas. The second advancement was in the 18th century, which took place around the Pacific regions. The other expansion was in the 19th century, which took place in the central Africa.
All these advancements brought with them new encounters like socialization and movement of people from different parts of the world, which in turn brought about appreciation and development of different cultures or the transcultural world. There was also redistribution of the world resources, which led to imbalance in the world economy as Europeans benefitted more than others (Heinemann 301). These encounters also stimulated the European perception on the nature and community in general, and brought new perspectives of rational enquiry. Also, there were impressive travel accounts and historical writings, which form an important part of history today.
Western civilization is viewed as legacy of concepts that exists in Europe and America, which emanated from Greece and Rome. However, the civilization does not belong to any specific place. Different people used historical evidence to promote their own ideas, for instance, Martin Luther’s ideas were based on the Christian teaching in the holy bible. He suggested that, according to the word of God, individuals cannot exist as unmarried without sinning, and it is only in the family where chaste life could hold. Martin Luther encouraged and advocated for removal of girls from the nunneries and covenants that led to sexual repression. Luther ...
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