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Revoltionary War

The preliminary development of British was to invade Hudson Valley, as New York was crucial place to fight. The internal clashes between British Generals gave enough time to the American forces to formulate decisive battle strategy. Along the Hudson River, American forces established their defensive camps. It is known as Bemis Heights. The standings of Americans on Hudson River were dominant as they built their camps on height. The shortage of supplies was a big problem for the British forces. The strategic positioning of American forces was the turning point of this battle.
The British plan was to bring armed forces from the North Side of New York. The British commanders believed that they will not only separate New England from American Colonies but they will also take in charge of Hudson Valley. British troops led by General Burgoyne, had to take strong place on the river because their supplies were coming from that region. Americans had full control over the river due to which British were trap. The shortage of supplies created chaos among the British2.
To slow down British advances, Americans designed small group of troops to attack British from different regions. Burgoyne formulated another arrangement to chuck out American forces, but Americans sooner recognized British plans. British forces waited for help from New York City but got no response.
Fierce fighting took place in which British and their allies faced historic defeat. Burgoyne was left with no option except escaping from these dreadful circumstances. They were unable to flee as General Gates army encircled British forces. Burgoyne had no other option left except to surrender on 17th October, 17773.
The strategic planning of Americans and their allies led to this astonishing victory. The American Commodores also had slight disagreements with their allies core commanders, but they settled sooner. The positioning on Hudson River changed the ...
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The Battle of Saratoga is one of the major incidents. The battle succinctly determined the fortune of the British armys infiltration in America. The war strategies implied by both armies…
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