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American Dream: Personalized and Collectivized

Millenials, mainly minorities of the U.S., continue to give importance to the role of a college diploma in attaining success and happiness. Martha notes that for one survey, more people think that a college degree is unimportant to the American Dream: “Nearly two-thirds says it’s possible to achieve the American Dream without a college degree…” (par.2). She is saying that people no longer feel the relevance of finishing college to their material goals. Millenial minorities will have a hard time believing that, especially Asians who value education as key to success. For them, a college education is a must if one wants to be successful in America and in life. Moreover, Asians are particularly attached to the meaning of college education to their identities. They see education as part of who they are. Meacham understands this thinking when he quotes the U.S. Department of Commerce, which defined the middle class. The Department says that: “middle class families are defined by their aspirations more than income…[they] aspire to home ownership, a car, college education for children…” (par.8). These aspirations are shared by middle-class Millenials too. They are families who consistently believe in the power of college education in transforming their lives. Asian families, in particular, will sacrifice their own goals in life, if they can send their children to college. Parents will be disappointed, if their children do not finish their college education. ...
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In the paper “American Dream: Personalized and Collectivized” the author analyzes different ideas of American Dream, defined as completing a college education, attaining financial security, enjoying civil rights and freedoms, and finding personal fulfillment…

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