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Annotated Bibliography
Human Resources
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Annotated Bibliography The Arrival of Bantu-Speaking Africans Byrnes, Rita M. (1996). The Arrival of Bantu-Speaking Africans. South Africa: A Country Study. Retrieved on Feb. 04, 2011 from http:/ The article provides a brief background about how the Bantu-speaking Africans dominated the population of the present-day inhabitants of South Africa…

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One of their cultural practices dictates the accumulation of large herds of cattle and cultivation of extensive agricultural lands with the former serving as a symbol for their wealth and power. The accumulation of vast lands and herds lead to the increase of their population density. Culturally, the Bantu-speaking farmers were described to use these amassed fields and horde of cattle for political and social transactions, including marriage issues related to the bride’s wealth compensation (termed as lobola) and “tribute demand purposes”. There was a group of Bantu-speakers who settled near water resources called as Sotho-Tswana. The other group of Bantu speakers who settled in coastal plains was known as Nguni. The third group of Bantu-speaking people, the Khoisans was another group known to settle on the west and southwest. Today, these three groups comprise majority of the settlers of South Africa. This article can purposely be used to study today’s composition and stratification of South Africa’s inhabitants which may help in drafting economic plans, policies and reforms or for whatever purpose it may serve. South Africa: Economy Overview. (Feb.2011). Retrieved on Feb. ...
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