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Social Factors in Language Learning

This paper declares that nowadays the English language undergoes several variations due to different factors. Among them people can distinguish regional, social, personal and even gender variations. The most widespread and obvious one is regional variation of the English language.
This discussion explores that thanks to the popularity of American media and British culture the speakers of both models adopt certain vocabulary and pronunciation from each other. This process is commonly called accommodation. Apart from two main models of English regional variety of this language includes several dialectal variations. There are regional dialects of English both, in the USA and Great Britain. Dialects vary mostly in vocabulary and these differences are quite large and numerous. Unfortunately, this contrast between speakers sometimes leads to conflicts and bulling because one dialect is considered to be more privileged than the other. However, people should abandon this prejudice and treat everyone equally. Depending on people’s social identities, they use different types of language. There are many factors which predetermine the usage of certain constructions, words and intonation. They include the level of education, sex, occupying job and age. In some countries with English speaking population social variation of the language does not play a huge role. ...
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This essay talks that there are different attitudes towards such changes. Some people accept it eagerly, while others may meet it with resistance. It happens because people have their fixed idea of what the English language is supposed to be, that is why all linguistic innovations are met reluctantly. …
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