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Research Paper example - what is on the horizon for apple?

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Information Technology
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The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs pulled the company from near bankruptcy to the most valuable public company (Dilger, 2011). The company revolutionized the music industry with the introduction of iPod in 2001…

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The iPod represents a start for the company to lead the revolution. The innovations did not stop and new products that invented completely new categories followed. Apple plans to grow their product lineup as well as improve existing products. Some of the possible future plans are discussed in detail;
Macs have been the main product for Apple since long. The company was mainly founded as a computer company. The lineup includes Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Macs currently run on Intel processors. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air represents major portion of the sales in Macs. Both products are made with unibody enclosures, which add durability and aesthetics. The MacBook Airs are ultra thin laptops running on low power processors and incorporate Solid State Drives (SSD) instead of convention Hard Disc Drives used in MacBook Pros. Apple plans to introduce high resolution Retina Displays in both MacBooks (Chen & Shen, 2011). This will improve real estate available on desktop as well as improve sharpness, in particular for texts. Furthermore, MacBook Pro is rumored to have a design overhaul in 2012 and will adopt design cues from the existing MackBook Air (Kim, 2012). The two lines of models are expected to merge into one product in the future.
The iPad represents the leading post-pc device from Apple. Apple invented a completely new category with the introduction of iPad in 2010. The tablet has been an astounding success and is liked for its ease of use and portability. The iPad has capitalized the tablet market till now and Apple has dominated the category. Competitors have introduced Android based tablets of varying size and price to compete against the iPad. It is rumored that Apple is planning to introduce 7.85 inch iPad variant as compared to 9.7 inch current iPad’s screen size (Faust, 2012). The 7 inch screen size was dismissed by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs to be very small and incapable of ...
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