critical analysis essay based on the selected lab

critical analysis essay based on the selected lab Essay example
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Depiction of African Americans in Contemporary Media Landscape Introduction Visual media, according to Ramasubramanian (2010), are important sources of information that help society understand itself. Such media define what is normal or acceptable and what is not acceptable.


In a special way, messages passed to members of society by the media legitimize the status quo by assigning causal clarifications for the reasons subordinating groups are rightly positioned where they are. Television steadily presents to viewers a steady stream of stereotypes that establish or reinforce viewers perceptions about certain groups according to Ramasubramanian (2010). In the United States of America, Black Americans are normally marginalized, demeaned and under-represented in media. African American women, for example, have been presented in mainstream media as being big, loud, unreliable and mean mammies (Ramasubramanian, 2010). This archetype came about from the fact that during the 1700s and 1800s, black female slaves who were overweight were assigned the task of nursing white children. The mammies exercised authority over white children although the relationship they had with the children was tempered with fear. In many television adverts, the mammy archetype has featured prominently. For example, Aunty Jemima, the t fictional black woman that features in breakfast foods line is a stereotypical Mammy. Given that television programs are punctuated with content that motivate empathy and counter-empathy, they have the capacity to induce strong feelings toward minority groups. ...
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