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Celebrity vs. Ordinary People Phenomenon

Famous people have managed to occupy every sphere of our life. Giles states that fame should be considered more as a process than current status, which can benefit every disputed sphere. People are still considered to be inferiors in media business. Hence, today reporters divulge only that news which authorities need to disclose, otherwise, some serious facts can be secretly hidden from audience if this information somehow is able to damage influential people. Government uses media for being able to influence and manipulate population; meanwhile, ordinary people naively accept it as a fair surge of democratization. Access of common people to media has commercial ground, because giving people opportunity to be closer to the process of news’ creation makes friendly atmosphere and relationship between population and authorities and helps government to eradicate unnecessary opinion within mass and lobby individuals to follow proclaimed principles.
In opinion of different authors, modern journalism suffers from crisis of legitimacy. Therefore, it is recommended to create explanatory journalism with opinions and multi-perspective news (Allan, 2011, p. 264). In addition, it is urgent to provide new methods of people’s participation in state’s life, because as Turner (2010, p. 72) claims ‘ordinary people’ phenomenon is just another “exclusively economic method” that is not able to democratize society the way it can be falsely assumed. For enhancing democratic level of the country, more radical measures should be implemented. ...
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Hence today people pay more attention to the news and rumors about private lives of celebrities presented in tabloids and reality shows than any kind of serious and urgent facts about economic, political or ecological sphere of society. As Turner states : “a celebrity phenomenon is everywhere”. In this work we consider a connection between common people and celebrities…
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