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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication   Term Paper Date 1144 words Name Institution How the UK Royal family managed to rehabilitate its damaged reputation following Princess Diana's death The majority of rumors surrounding the death of Princess Diana were nonsense, however, following her death, celebrity, the royal family, as well as England, will never return to be the same, way it was before.


Similarly to how significant reputation is to the royal family, it is a prerequisite for every company to guard their reputation considering that this is an extremely valuable asset to the company. Apparently, on the night of her deadly crash, her chauffeur was drunk, while Princess Diana was not putting on a seat belt; on the other hand, Princess Diana, together with her beau, Dodi Al Fayed, were attempting to escape from paparazzi. It is clear that both Diana and Al Fayed sought fame in a way that none of the royal family members did. Nonetheless, the heyday of Princess Diana as a global star seemed to symbolize Princess Diana’s superiority compared to the rest of the royal family. Her lack of self control, together with her helplessness in the appearance of her own desires, which signified her humanity (Adrian & Deborah 2002, p.6). The Establishment that wrangled with Princess Diana no longer even rules England and Wales; according to this organization, their expectation was Princess Diana to live in a loveless marriage with Prince Charles, while at the same time bearing the humiliation brought about by his unfaithfulness. ...
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