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Name Tutor Institution Subject Code Date of Submission Introduction A photo-essay is an arrangement of pictures in an order that conveys meaning or elicit emotional reactions among the audience. Some of these essays are purely photographic but arranged in a sequential order while others have captions or small texts added to augment the pictures.


It highlights how picture stories began and gives examples of picture essays and their effect in raising societal awareness on issues afflicting them. It also gives examples of two photographers and their styles to evaluate picture composition and its effects. It further gives an appreciation for this topic showing its relevance to the modern society in resolving disputes and championing universal freedom and protection of human rights. Thesis statement Picture stories, picture essays and photojournalism have led to and still contributing to societal change due to the emotional responses they evoke among the audience. In analysing this thesis statement, we take a look at great photographers whose work has contributed to a global awakening because of how they capture the audience. From the medieval times, the world has been faced with many challenges including wars, hunger and social unrests. Religious and ethnic segregation is still being practised in some nations that have not entrenched freedom for every citizen in their constitutions. Photojournalist like Bruce Davidson has used pictures to highlight the evolvement of Brooklyn gangs and civil rights movements in America. Picture stories Use of picture stories began in early 20th century with increasing global wars and related catastrophes going on at the time. ...
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