'Twitter has made a significant contribution to citizen journalism'. Do you agree? Argue your case with reference to at least 2

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TWITTER HAS MADE A SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO CITIZEN JOURNALISM (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Abstract In a world that is increasingly dependent on timely information delivery, a new concept of public reporting has emerged. To this end, citizen journalism epitomizes the contemporary revolution in journalism.


Citizen journalism has emerged as a contemporary innovation in the spectrum of journalism. To this end, it encompasses the new role played by ordinary citizens in the collection, reporting and dissemination of information (Anwar, 2012). Evidently, the efficacy of citizen journalism in reporting has been shaped due to its potential in inspiring the participation of a large target audience locally, nationally and internationally. Moreover, citizen journalism envisions a system in which persons can report pertinent issues that are relevant to an area or locality. The growth of citizen journalism has largely been influenced by technological advancement in the social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In reference to Twitter, it has emerged as a revolutionary social media tool whereby an increasing number of people are acting as citizen journalists. Moreover, Twitter has equally captured the attention of mainstream media houses. Consequently, an increasing number of media houses have embraced the use Twitter handles in the reporting of citizen journalistic news. To this end the plethora of media news handles dedicated to citizen journalism includes; Blottr, NowPublic, iReport for CNN, GroundReport, Demotix and many more (Rosen, 2012). ...
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